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Bundle Services & Maximize Savings

As the only company combining manure removal and shavings delivery, we are positioned to offer you a great deal on bundled services.

Transportation is the most expensive part of the manure removal and shavings delivery industry, and traditional delivery services would happen in two separate trips. By combining the delivery of clean horse bedding with the removal of used horse bedding, our trucks are full in both directions making each delivery efficient and dual purpose.

In addition to this strategy, All-In Removal adopted new equipment to reduce downtime, incorporation of intelligent technology (we video record every truck as it’s being loaded with shavings), hiring and retaining the best staff, and opening a transfer station in Ocala with a massive weather-protected shavings warehouse to keep our horse bedding dry in closer proximity to more farms.

All of these methods and processes mean one thing for our bundled service customers: saved time and saved money.

Here’s how our “Drop and Swap” system works:

  1. All-In Removal delivers your shavings using a roll-off container.
  2. Once your shavings are dumped in your own shavings bin, we leave our roll-off container for your manure collection.
  3. You fill the empty container with your used horse bedding.
  4. On our next delivery of shavings, we switch out your existing full container of manure with another clean container just used to deliver your shavings.
  5. We dispose of your used bedding at our transfer station, and then clean the container with an anti-bacterial mixture to kill any germs.
  6. Cleaned containers are loaded with shavings for our next delivery.
That’s it! A simple yet cost effective process that saves you money.

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