All-In Removal is the Ocala-area Industry Leader in Horse Manure Removal

Emrick Hauling was founded in 2006 by Don and Stephanie Emrick. Their business centered on the removal of used horse bedding and became the largest Ocala-area manure removal company in just a few short years. Over the next six years, the company experienced rapid growth in both sales and equipment. In 2012, Reid Nagle acquired Emrick Hauling at which point the business was renamed All-In Removal, with Don becoming president and CEO.

Two years later, in 2014, All-In acquired American Shavings from its owners Michael and Carley Earnest with Michael joining the company in the number two role.  This acquisition allowed All-In to operate efficiently by delivering fresh shavings and, on the same trip, removing used horse bedding. In 2019 All-In built a massive covered transfer station in Ocala that served to keep the fresh horse bedding dry when it rained and which allowed for efficient collection and temporary storage of used horse bedding until it could be transported to its final composted resting place.  Don retired from the business in 2020 at which point Michael succeeded him as president.

Today a four-person Board of Directors oversees All-In Removal: Reid Nagle, Adam Lites, Judy Lewis, and Sarah McCord Nagle.

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