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Shavings Made Easy

With varying degrees of size, feel, absorbency, and appearance, we’ve got a shavings product to fit every stable’s unique needs. We deliver bulk loads of shavings made of any of the four products described below or a combination of any two of them to get exactly the appearance and absorbency you want – all available in small loads (20 to 40 yards) via roll-off container or large loads (100 to 140 yards) via semi-trailer.  If bagged shavings are more your style, we provide a variety of bagged shavings options to fit your needs as well.

Our team of safe, friendly drivers are reliable and respectful of your time and property, and our customer service representatives are the best in the business.  Together, our team is ready to partner with you to meet all your shavings and manure removal needs and can even help you decide which type of shavings and how much would be ideal for your farm.


Mini Flake Shavings ($18/yard)

Mini flake shavings are a premium, kiln-dried product comprised of very small flake pieces that have been screened out of the dry flake shavings, so the process to produce them is the same as the dry flake shavings described below.  The smaller particles improve absorbency.

Dry Flake Shavings ($18/yard)

Dry flake shavings are a premium, kiln-dried product comprised of almost entirely flake pieces and contains very little fine material. To produce kiln dried flake shavings, standard flake shavings are put through a drying process and then screened to separate the dry flakes from the smaller particles. Smaller particles make up the mini flake we offer as described above.

Standard Flake Shavings ($17/yard)

Standard flake shavings are a non-kiln-dried product manufactured solely for horse bedding. This material has a very soft feel and looks great in the stall. Our flake averages 3/4-inch in size and contains some finer material that improves absorbency.

Fines ($17/yard)

Fine shavings consist of very small flakes and sawdust-like particles. This product is a by-product from two different areas of a sawmill so it’s a mixture of kiln-dried and non-kiln-dried material and is very absorbent.


You can mix any two of the four shavings products listed above to get the right combination of appearance and absorbency, so just let us know what you need and we’ll create your customized mix.


In addition to the price per yard for the shavings products shown above, when you order shavings delivered by our roll-off trucks, there will also be a delivery fee, quoted upfront, to cover the cost of transporting the shavings to you. You can avoid the delivery fee by bundling your shavings delivery with manure removal services (a Drop & Swap). Semi loads of shavings typically do not have a delivery fee.