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Shavings to meet any need

Our single ingredient and mix blend shavings are available in small or large loads. With varying degrees of size, feel, absorbency, and appearance, there is a product available to fit every stable’s unique needs. We use our standard single ingredient shavings with kiln dried mini (a by-product of standard flake processing) and fines (a by-product of lumber mills) to create our four blended shavings. Custom blends are also available to ensure your bedding is the perfect fit.

Our shavings can be delivered direct to your facility in small loads (20 – 40 cubic yards) or large loads (100 – 140 cubic yards). Our team of safe, family friendly drivers are reliable and respectful of your time and property. Our density calculations for each material are based on compaction characteristics so you can be confident in the accuracy of your delivery. And our customer service representatives are here to help you decide which shavings and how much best suit your needs.

Single Ingredient Shavings

Standard Flake Shavings

Standard flake shavings are a non-kiln-dried product manufactured solely for horse bedding. This material has a very soft feel and looks great in the stall. Our flake averages 3/4-inch in size and contains some finer material that improves absorbency. Standard flake shavings makes up about 28% of all shavings sold.

Kiln Dried Flake Shavings

Kiln dried flake shavings are a premium, kiln-dried product comprised of almost entirely flake pieces and contains very little fine material. This material is commonly found in bagged flake shavings. Kiln dried flake shavings are slightly smaller in size compared with standard flake shavings due to the drying process and offer a superior appearance in the stall. To produce kiln dried flake shavings, standard flake shavings are put through a drying process and then screened to separate the dry flakes from the smaller particles. Smaller particles make up the kiln dried mini flake we offer as part of our blended shavings. Kiln dried flake shavings makes up about 21% of all shavings sold.

Blended Shavings

Fines/Standard Flake Blend

This mixture is one of the most popular we provide. It offers the absorbent qualities of fine material, while providing a soft and aesthetically pleasing presence in the stall. The moisture content of the standard flake shavings is effective in minimizing any dust associated with the fines blended in.

Fines/Kiln Dried Flake Blend

This mixture has a slightly lower moisture content, but, because of the decreased amount of fine material in the kiln dried flake shavings, it offers slightly less absorbency. However, the Fines/Kiln Dried Flake blend possesses a softer feel and more elegant appearance in the stall than the Fines/Standard Flake.

Kiln Dried Mini/Standard Flake Blend

This mixture is the best choice for minimizing dust while retaining both softness and absorbency. This material will provide slightly less absorbency due to the absence of the fines, however, with the kiln dried mini being kiln-dried and the standard flake shavings being non-kiln-dried, this mixture has a softer and fluffier feel in the stall.

Kiln Dried Mini/Kiln Dried Flake Blend

This mixture is a combination of two kiln-dried materials providing a very soft feel and great appearance in the stall. The addition of kiln dried mini to the kiln dried flake shavings ensures a slightly more absorbent material than straight kiln dried flake shavings, however, using two straight kiln-dried materials will produce a low moisture product and more dust than some horsemen may find acceptable.

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